Which Home Improvements Offer the Best Return on Investment

Which Home Improvements Offer the Best Return on Investment

If you’re looking to update your home, whether it’s to create a brighter space, increase curb appeal or finally complete that bathroom makeover, there is a wide variety of home improvement projects you can tackle — but which upgrades are the most likely to offer you the greatest return on investment if you plan on reselling in the future? Traditionally, kitchen and bathroom remodels or converting drab areas into functional, comfortable living spaces were popular improvement projects. However, upgrades intended to improve curb appeal actually have the greatest home improvement returns.

Best Returns for Home Improvement

Home improvement projects like kitchen and bathroom remodels, finished basements or new flooring may make your daily living more comfortable, but prospective buyers are often drawn to and paying more for homes with exceptional curb appeal and stunning exterior finishes. The projects with the best home improvement returns include:

  • Garage Doors: Garage doors can occupy up to 40 percent of a home’s exterior, and a new door can modernize your home’s aesthetic. Garage door upgrades can expect up to 98 percent return on investment.
  • Entry Doors: Like the garage door, the entry door is one of the first features a visitor sees. With a new, stunning entryway, you can earn a return of up to 91 percent.
  • Wood Decks: Having a functional, attractive indoor and outdoor living space is important for many prospective home buyers, and a welcoming wood deck addition can have a home improvement ROI of nearly 83 percent.
  • Kitchens: Kitchens are the heart of the home, and while they’re not the most profitable home improvement project, they still do tend to return over 80 percent of your investment.
  • Vinyl Windows: Not only can old windows negatively impact your curb appeal and date your home, but they can also reduce your energy efficiency. New efficient and attractive vinyl window upgrades can return 74 percent of your initial investment.

Other Benefits of a New Garage Door

Not only is replacing your garage door the best home improvement for resale, but with the latest garage door designs and materials, you can also experience the following benefits:

  • Modernized Home Exterior: With the latest designs and customization features available today, you can tailor your new garage door to suit your personal tastes and enhance your home’s architecture. Choose from carriage-style doors to create a warm, welcoming and traditional look or install a new door with bold modern designs for a fresh and sophisticated home exterior.
  • Improved Home Safety and Security: Newer garage doors are crafted from exceptional materials and feature the latest safety and security upgrades to improve daily usage. Doors manufactured and installed after 1993 have photo-eye sensors to ensure the door doesn’t close on a person or object and rolling door codes to prevent duplication.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency: An insulated and weathertight door can reduce air transfer between indoor and outdoor environments, allowing you better temperature control. Your HVAC system won’t work as hard to regulate indoor temperatures, resulting in lower annual utility costs.

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Installing a new garage door for your home is not only a cost-effective upgrade project, but it also has the greatest home improvement ROI. At Scarboro Garage Doors, we offer a wide variety of durable, reliable, and attractive Clopay garage doors that can boost your home’s curb appeal and offer an excellent home improvement return. We’re proud to provide comprehensive garage door services for residents throughout Oakville and its surrounding areas. Explore your garage door design and installation options today by calling 905-267-2700 or contacting us online.

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