Bent Garage Door Tracks

Bent Garage Door Tracks Repair in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton

Many homeowners use their garage doors as the main entrance to their homes, so it’s important to keep all pieces of hardware in pristine condition to ensure safe and convenient home entry.

Garage door tracks are one of the most common garage door repair issues. If you suspect your tracks are damaged, then address repairs quickly to avoid more substantial issues. Bent garage door tracks can prevent your door from properly opening, which results in additional damages to your garage door and can even lead to significant property damages.

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What Are Garage Door Tracks?

The garage door’s tracks are an essential component to your overall system and help facilitate smooth, steady door motion. They hold the garage door’s rollers in place and provide a clear pathway for the door to open and close. Having bent garage door tracks will prevent the door from being able to raise or lower properly.

How Can Garage Door Tracks Become Bent or Damaged?

With regular daily activity, your garage door tracks can become bent or damaged over time due to irregular maintenance practices or accidental impacts. Common reasons your garage door track can be bent include:

  • Broken cables or drums: The drums and cables help counterbalance the weight of your garage door, allowing the door to raise and lower easily. If the wires have frayed and broken or if the drum is jammed, then the entire weight of the door can be placed on the track and bend it.
  • Poorly lubricated rollers: If the garage door rollers aren’t regularly lubricated, then they may have difficulty moving along the tracks. This can eventually lead to one side trying to move while the other can’t. The opposing tension can cause the track to become damaged.
  • Garage door impact: Accidents can happen, and hitting the garage door with your vehicle can cause the tracks to become bent or misaligned. They can also bend if they’re hit with other commonly stored garage items like lawnmowers, bicycles or other large equipment.
  • Obstructions: If your garage door’s photo-eye sensors are misaligned, it could potentially hit an object while trying to close, which could cause the door to become misaligned or damaged.
  • Track age: Over time and with regular use, it’s common for garage door hardware to experience wear and tear. As the tracks age, they can show signs of damage like debris buildup or rust formation. These damages can affect the overall quality of your tracks, eventually causing them to bend.

Can You Still Use the Garage Door With Bent Tracks?

If you see that your garage door tracks are visibly bent, or if you suspect they’ve become damaged, resist attempting to operate your garage door. Using a garage door with bent tracks can lead to additional damages to other parts of your door. It might even cause the door to fall off the tracks, which can cause severe personal or property damages.

When your garage door tracks are bent, call the team at Upper Canada Garage Doors to inspect your system and determine whether the tracks can be realigned or if they should be replaced.

Hire a Professional For Your Garage Door Track Repair

For the best and most effective repair solutions, trust a professional garage door servicing company to perform all of your repairs. Experienced and trained garage door technicians have the tools and resources necessary to complete repairs safely, quickly and accurately to ensure long-term garage door performance and dependability. Homeowners without the skills required to make repairs can end up damaging other parts of their garage doors or become severely injured.

At Upper Canada Garage Doors, our team will respond quickly to your repair request and thoroughly inspect your system, recommend the best repair solutions and provide personalized services that best suit your needs and budget.

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When you need the best, most reliable garage door track repair services throughout the Oakville, Burlington, and Milton, Ontario areas, reach out to the professionals at Upper Canada Garage Doors. Our team can handle any garage door repair need and provide personalized solutions to best suit your needs and guarantee safe and reliable garage door service.

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