Garage Door Panel Replacement

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Your garage door is an important part of your home. From saving us some time in the morning during the winter by protecting our cars from snow to adding an extra layer of security to our homes, they do a lot.

We use our garage doors every day, and sometimes even multiple times a day. With so much use comes a great deal of wear and tear. From normal use to accidents, fixing any problems with our garage door as soon as possible is the best thing to do.

Upper Canada Garage Doors is ready to complete your garage door panel repair for your home or business.

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When to Complete a Garage Door Section Replacement

There are several reasons why you may need a garage door panel repair or replacement. An auto-related accident that damaged just one section of the door, or part of the door becoming faded, are just a few reasons why you may choose to replace a panel.

If the door becomes damaged or unattractive, you may think your only option is to replace the entire door. But that’s not your only choice! If only part of the door needs a replacement, you can replace just the part that you need.

At Upper Canada Garage Doors, our garage door panel replacement services will help you replace just one section of your door. If you recently replaced your garage door, replacing just one panel is a good option. But replacing one panel on an older garage door may look out of place. The older panel may be faded, while the new panel will look brighter and shinier.

Choosing to Replace the Entire Door

Another option for replacing a damaged panel on your garage door is to replace the entire door. Many people think that replacing just one panel will give their garage door an unattractive look. This is important if you have strict design rules for the exterior of your home or if you are planning on selling your home in the future.

Your garage door is an important part of curb appeal. When potential buyers arrive at your home or business, they’ll get an impression right away. Whether that impression is positive or negative depends on how neat the exterior looks.

Replacing the entire garage door instead of just one panel may also be a better option if there was more damage. Even if just one panel appears to be damaged, there could be damage to other parts that you don’t even see. Replacing the whole door will give you a better look in many cases and fixes any other damage.

Trust Upper Canada Garage Doors for Garage Door Panel Repair

If you need repairs, maintenance or another type of service on your garage door, you need a local professional you can trust. Upper Canada Garage Doors provides exceptional residential and commercial garage door services throughout Oakville, Burlington, and Milton.

From ordering a brand-new garage door system to replacing one broken part, we help each of our customers find the perfect solutions for all of their garage door needs. Contact us today to schedule your service or installation, or to learn more.

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