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Spring Repair in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton

The garage door is a vital component for many homes and businesses — and that means it might see multiple uses almost every day. A few uses per day turns into hundreds per year, which can gradually wear down the mechanisms and create issues. Finally, the day might come where a spring or cable snaps and renders your door practically immobile. Taking on this kind of project can be a pain, both physically and mentally.

Upper Canada Garage Doors is the ideal place to call when you run into these kinds of problems. We employ knowledgeable technicians who use top-quality tools and products to complete all sorts of projects. As an award-winning local provider of garage doors, openers and related products and accessories, there’s no place better-suited to handle your requests.

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Double Garage Door

If you have a double garage door, you will have two springs, as shown in the picture below. Generally, one spring will break at a time. However, because each spring is calculated to do the same amount of work, the second spring will need replacing at the same time in order to save money on a second service call only days later. 

Single Garage Door

The same is not true with single garage doors with a single spring. If you have two garage doors and one door has a broken spring, but the other door is fine, it’s not critical to change the spring on both doors. If the other door has seen less use, it may have many years of operation left.

Diagnosing the Issues

Torsion springs make a world of difference, as they stabilize the door and prevent it from abruptly closing.

If they begin to show issues, it makes for a difficult, and at times dangerous, task to repair them on your own. That’s why we’re here. We hire technicians who are well-trained and prepared to tackle any situation.

Our technicians will travel to your location to diagnose the exact issue, which can vary depending on the kind of springs your garage door utilizes. From there, we can determine if the springs can be repaired or if they will have to be replaced.

Here are some common symptoms (and remedies) of spring problems:

  • Squeaky, loud noises usually indicate that your springs are in dire need of lubrication.
  • If you’re having a difficult time closing or opening the door without any resistance, the springs might need to be re-balanced.
  • Loose screws or bolts, as well as a faulty cable feed, can also be reasons for a door’s resistance.

These issues should be left to professionals or those with plenty of experience, as one mistake can lead to finger injuries or worse.


Equipped With Knowledge, Experience, and Tools

Garage door spring repair doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor for your wallet or your body. We’ve assembled a wide range of supplies, parts and other useful tools, so once we address the problem we can quickly rectify it.

We’ll happily answer any questions you have about the situation, as we value honesty and transparency with every project that we take on. We carry that philosophy through the entirety of our business model, which includes just about every service related to garage doors.

We offer repairs, replacements, installations, and routine maintenance to keep your doors functioning and durable.

Trust in Upper Canada Garage Doors

Don’t let a broken garage door spring get you down. If you’re located in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton or one of the other surrounding areas, you can trust us with fixing your problems.

Contact us to arrange your meeting or visit our showroom in Oakville.

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