Garage Door Roller Replacement

Garage Door Roller Replacement in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton

With regular daily use, it’s typical for hardware on your garage door to suffer from wear and tear over time. One of the most common garage door part replacements is the garage door rollers, which are small wheels with a shaft that slides into a sleeve on the side of your garage door and placed inside the garage door’s track. They guide the garage door open and shut along the track.

Garage door rollers should freely spin inside the garage door track when in good condition. When they are broken or in poor condition, they may start to create unpleasant noises and even guide your garage door off track.

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Different Types of Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers are one of the most used parts of your garage door and are available in several different materials:

  • Nylon: Nylon is a versatile chemical polymer material and is one of the best roller options available. It allows for quieter operation, reduces stress on your automatic door opener and doesn’t require as much regular lubrication as alternative materials. Nylon rollers typically have between 10 or 13 ball bearings — more ball bearings mean smoother and quieter operation. They can last up to 15,000 cycles or about 10 years.
  • Steel: Steel is a sturdy material for garage door rollers and is available with seven or 10 ball bearings. This solution is not as quiet as nylon garage door rollers and will need regular lubrication to ensure long-lasting performance. Steel rollers with fewer ball bearings will last up to five years — or 5,000 to 7,000 cycles — while those with 10 bearings can perform up to 15,000 cycles.
  • Plastic: Plastic rollers without ball bearings are often included as hardware for new garage door installations. These are affordable solutions for home builders and are only expected to last about two or three years before needing to be replaced.

Determining Whether Your Garage Door Rollers Are Broken

To know whether the end of your garage door roller’s lifespan is approaching, note any unusual sounds or unsteady garage door motions. The rollers will often make a grinding noise if they can’t freely spin within the track or will click as the door opens and closes.

When garage door rollers break, it not only affects how smoothly your garage can raise and lower, but it can also prematurely wear down other parts of your garage door system like the sprockets, belts, and drive gears of the opener. If you continue to operate your garage door with damaged rollers, the door will eventually go off-track, which can be unsafe.

Benefits of Trusting a Professional For Garage Door Repairs

For the best and safest results when replacing broken garage door rollers, you should contact a professionally trained garage door repair company. By trusting a professional technician for your garage door roller repair, you can expect:

  • Safety: Garage doors are heavy and under an immense amount of strain and pressure. Homeowners can be severely injured while attempting to perform repairs themselves. Professionals have the resources and tools to perform a garage door repair safely and efficiently to ensure lasting safety for themselves as well as your family.
  • Experience: Garage doors are comprised of intricate systems with several moving parts. If you’re unfamiliar with door operations, then you may incorrectly make repairs that can cause additional breakages.
  • Warranties: When you hire a professional garage door repair company, their work is often backed by several workmanship guarantees and manufacturer warranties. If your replacement rollers break prematurely, then you are assured to have them replaced quickly and correctly.

Contact Upper Canada Garage Doors for Fast, Reliable Garage Door Roller Repair

When you need a garage door roller repair, trust the professionals at Upper Canada Garage Doors. Our team is highly trained, certified and experienced to handle any garage door part replacement. All of our repair services are performed by knowledgeable professionals who use only the best tools and equipment available to ensure lasting results and performance. We happily provide garage door roller repair, as well as other repair and maintenance services for homeowners throughout Oakville and the surrounding areas.

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