Guide to Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors play a significant role in helping businesses protect their products. When looking for commercial garage doors, most business owners look at security, efficiency and energy conservation. Durability is also key, as commercial garage doors are often used daily. And while you’re considering commercial door options, you may also decide you want something low maintenance. 

With all of these elements available, how do you find a door that meets all of your needs? We’re breaking down how businesses benefit from commercial garage doors and the types available to help you out.

How New Garage Doors Will Benefit a Business

Breweries, restaurants, warehouses, car dealerships and more can benefit from a commercial garage door. Here are some key advantages of installing a new garage door for your business:

  • Enhanced security: Security is a significant advantage of a commercial garage door. From specialized locking mechanisms and reinforced materials to security system integration, commercial garage doors can help keep your business safe. Simply the presence of a new or well maintained garage door could discourage theft. 
  • Energy efficiency: Most garage doors are well-insulated, but some focus on energy efficiency specifically. Cold storage facilities, for example, can look into getting these types of doors.
  • Durability: If you’re looking to replace your old commercial garage door, you’ll be pleased to know that the options today have improved a lot in terms of durability from 20 to 30 years ago. Today’s commercial garage doors are designed to withstand wear and tear while needing fewer repairs.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Another benefit of getting a new commercial door is adding some aesthetic appeal to your facility. 

Types of Commercial Doors

Commercial garage doors are usually made from one of the following materials:

  • Steel: Steel is an optimal and most widely available choice when security and durability are your business’s primary objectives.
  • Aluminum: A more lightweight material like aluminum is often used for framing on full-view glass doors.
  • Wood: Wood was the go to material back in the day, but has been replaced by steel to keep down the cost and constant maintenance of painting or staining.

The garage door style you choose largely depends on its use and what it’s protecting. For example: 

  • Sectional doors: This type of door is similar to residential doors, where panels are connected with hinges. Sectional doors are great for large openings like those in warehouses. Most sectional doors are equipped with polyurethane insulation to provide more energy efficiency, structure, sound dampening and security. 
  • Full-view doors: Aluminum full-view doors are a great option when you want a modern look and access to natural light. They’re excellent for car dealerships, breweries and restaurants that want to attract customers to the interior aesthetics. They are also popular choice for fire stations, gyms and retail storefronts.
  • Insulated commercial garage doors: Facilities that require exceptional climate control can choose insulated garage doors with Clopay Intellicore® insulation. 
  • Roll-up service doors and sheet doors: The roll-up service door is one of the most popular options and consists of small sections joined together that “roll up” around a drum. They don’t take up a lot of space and can be used just about anywhere. For example, they can work perfectly for storage units and ideal for mini warehouses
  • Counter doors and security shutters: Counter doors are ideal for pharmacies, concession areas and cafeterias where items behind a counter need to be protected. Security shutters are custom-built and perfect for health centres and community centres. 

How to Choose the Best Commercial Garage Door for Your Business

There are a lot of factors and questions to consider before you know what type of commercial door will suit your business. Here are a few to ponder:

  • Type of business: Warehouses, automotive services, retail storefronts and cold storage all have different requirements. 
  • Frequency of use: Storage facilities may open their garage doors infrequently, while car dealerships and other businesses could open their doors multiple times per day. If you’ll be opening your door often, you may want one that’s more durable and long-lasting. 
  • Size and space: Your facility’s size will help determine what garage door style you can choose. With limited headroom, for example, you may not be able to purchase a sectional door, but a roll-up door could work well. Commercial garage door sizes are vast, so you’ll be able to find something that works. 
  • Fire-rated: Some doors are fire-rated, which means they can withstand fire and smoke. 

Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps your garage door perform optimally for longer. Here are steps for maintaining a commercial garage door once you’ve purchased one: 

  1. Routine inspection: Look out for signs of wear and tear. Check for misalignment and pay special attention to springs and other moving parts.
  2. Lubrication: Your door should open and shut smoothly without any clunks. Find the source and use a suitable lubricant if you hear a noise.
  3. Tightening hardware: As the doors open and close, a vibration will move through all the parts. Retighten parts that could have become loose over time.
  4. Weather seals: Weather seals are important in keeping your garage door efficient.
  5. Professional maintenance: Schedule service for your garage door once or twice annually, depending on usage. Technicians can identify issues you might have missed and have specialized tools for repairs.

The Importance of Professional Installation

Commercial garage door installation is best left to a professional. Non-professionals may install a commercial door incorrectly, which poses a safety risk for staff if it crashes down or malfunctions. Professionals have the skills and experience to install different door types and ensure they function optimally. 

They also bring the right tools for the job so that every nut, bolt and screw is inserted correctly. Additionally, many manufacturers require professional installation for their warranties to be valid. Lastly, professionals can also provide support and follow-up services throughout the commercial door’s life span.

How Upper Canada Garage Doors Can Help

When you want a commercial garage door for your business, explore the options from Upper Canada Garage Doors. We will happily run you through all of our collections and review your top business objectives to help you find the best door. Many of our commercial doors — including roll-up service doors and insulated doors — are available through Clopay®, a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial doors. 

We can install your new commercial garage door, and we also offer same-day repair services in Oakville and the surrounding areas. We are also locally owned and operated, so you know you’re getting quality care. Contact us today to find out more about how we can support you with commercial overhead doors.

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