Dangers Associated With Old Garage Doors

Dangers Associated With Old Garage Doors

Your garage door has performed dependably and efficiently for many years with little issue, so why should you consider replacing your old garage door system? Older garage doors pose several safety risks for homeowners — they can abruptly stop working, or parts and hardware can unexpectantly break and cause severe personal injury or property damages. With a new garage door and opener, you can enjoy several significant benefits, including:

  • Improving your home’s visual appeal
  • Increasing safety and security measures
  • Energy-efficient insulation options
  • Experiencing today’s best technological and convenience advances

While garage doors may function longer than their expected lifespans, it’s best to consider upgrading your old garage door to avoid costly inconveniences and safety issues and enjoy exceptional, reliable performance.

Dangers of an Old Garage Door

Having a safe, functional garage door is essential for your daily activity. Old garage doors showing signs of wear or lacking modern safety and efficiency upgrades can pose several security and safety risks. Dangers of old garage doors often include:

  • Ageing spring systems: The torsion or extension springs are under an immense amount of weight and tension. If these parts become worn and break unexpectantly, they can cause significant damage to your garage door or nearby items. Broken springs can even severely injure homeowners. To prevent breakages, note that extension springs typically work for up to 7,000 cycles, and torsion springs last up to 10,000 cycles.
  • Worn and damaged hardware: As your garage door ages, parts wear and loosen. This can cause significant damage to your garage door system and presents an opportunity for burglars to manipulate the weakness and force the door open. Over time, if moving hardware like springs and cables aren’t appropriately lubricated, they can form rust. This rust can lead to extensive water damage throughout your garage, unexpected hardware failure or ability for thieves to easily enter your garage. Keep your hardware properly lubricated to extend the lifespan of your garage door.
  • Outdated technology: If your garage door opener was manufactured in 1993 or earlier, then you may want to consider purchasing an upgrade. Older garage door openers weren’t built with modern safety features like photo-eye sensors. Photo-eye sensors placed at the base of your garage door are responsible for preventing the garage door from lowering on an object. Without these sensors, the garage door can close on people and personal property, causing severe injury or damage.

Replacing Your Old Garage Door With the Professionals at Upper Canada Garage Doors

When it’s time to replace your old garage door, trust a professional garage door company to perform an efficient, quality installation. By hiring a garage door installation professional, you can benefit from:

  • Installation and product warranties: Have added assurance that your garage door was installed using the best tools and industry techniques available with services backed by various workmanship and product guarantees.
  • Proper tools and technician experience: A highly trained and experienced installation professional will understand the most effective installation techniques available. They’ll install the finished product properly to ensure lasting efficiency, safety and reliability.
  • Safe installation: Garage doors are under an immense amount of weight and tension. Homeowners can be severely injured if they attempt to install the door themselves.

Reimagine the look of your home and experience unmatched convenience and security with a new garage door from Upper Canada Garage Doors. We have the most extensive selection of classic and contemporary garage door products and accessories throughout the Oakville area from top-rated, quality manufacturers like Clopay. Visit our local showroom today to fully explore our products — our team of helpful experts can help you select, design, and install a new garage door that best suits your needs, expectations, and budget. 

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