Spring Replacement

Spring Replacement in Oakville

No matter what kind of door your garage uses, big or small, new or old, it relies on springs to reliably function every day.

While it might take a while, thousands of cycles over multiple years eventually wear down these mechanisms, which can result in malfunctions and even breakage. Depending on what happens, one slip-up could completely immobilize your garage door, which can spell trouble for residential and commercial properties alike.

When those kinds of problems arise, contact Upper Canada Garage Doors to help solve them quickly and efficiently. Our award-winning staff has assisted clients with their garage door-related issues throughout Oakville, Burlington, and Milton for many years now. With top-tier knowledge and the right tools, we’re confident we can help you, too.

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Evaluating the Situation

There is more than one kind of spring, which means there can be multiple reasons for the issues you’re experiencing. Once you contact us, we’ll send out a trained technician to respond to your request and analyze the situation. Our technicians are not only equipped with top-tier tools, but also an extensive knowledge of garage doors that leaves them second to none.

We don’t jump to conclusions. Every project is evaluated with the same level of scrutiny and attention to detail. Simple fixes, like lubricating and re-balancing, can save some worn springs that aren’t behaving correctly. However, snapped springs and some cable issues will require full replacements.

Approaching these situations with the help of a professional is recommended, as replacing springs can be dangerous, complicated, and frustrating.

Proper Execution and Careful Testing

If we’ve determined that a garage door spring replacement is the best course of action, our technicians will acquire the necessary materials and get right to work on the fix. We’ve taken the time to procure a wide array of tools, parts, and other useful materials so we’ll be ready to handle any scenario that comes our way.

Many projects can be completed on the same day and at a competitive price point.

We handle every part of the process, including the following:

  • Turning off the power to the opener to ensure safe working conditions.
  • Measuring the dimensions of the springs to get the right fit.
  • Removing the old springs.
  • Installing the new parts and tightening them in place.
  • Balancing the door and lubricating moving parts thoroughly.

Once that’s all finished, we’ll flip the door opener’s power back on and carefully test the new springs to see if they’re functioning at 100 percent of their rated capacity.

Quick and Clean Work With Upper Canada Garage Doors

Finishing your spring replacement can be just the start of our partnership. We offer many other kinds of services for garage doors, as you can request that we handle door and opener repairs, replacements and installations.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation. You’re also free to visit us at our showroom in Oakville.

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