Broken Garage Door Cable


When properly maintained, garage door cables can perform for many years without incident. However, irregular maintenance, excessive moisture found at the base of your garage door or poor garage door track alignment can also encourage wear, rust and corrosion.


Signs of a Broken Cable:

  • cable has become loose on the door

  • garage door does not sit level on the floor

  • garage door does not operate smoothly


Two cables lift your garage door from the bottom section one on the left side and one on the right. When one of these cables snaps the door will lift on the side that is not broken. Usually, the door is only on a slight angle when this first happens and gets much worse when the homeowner tries to open the door. If your door looks like this picture, one your cables has snapped on your garage door and replacement is needed.

What to do when your Garage Door Cables Break

If a cable snaps, or begins to, you should stop using your door right away. If you notice frayed wires, strange sounds, or you just feel like your door isn’t working correctly, call Upper Canada Garage Doors as soon as you can.